Our Story

The idea of CW Coffee Company came into being a long time ago when a young girl growing up in Costa Rica became madly in love with coffee at an early age. It wasn’t until several years later that her passion developed into something more. Fate brought two paramedics together who discovered a shared love for an excellent cup of coffee who then decided to share that passion with the RDU area. As the idea developed it was decided that a mobile coffee truck would be the first avenue to introduce what we are passionate about. Seeing as we are both paramedics, public safety is a large part of our lives (and it’s also how we met), and we couldn’t help but want to pay tribute to the public safety image.

Why CW Coffee Company

At CW Coffee Company, we strive not only to make you the perfect cup of coffee but to create an experience that will have a positive impact on your entire day. We are devoted baristas, we work with devoted roasters, and we get coffee directly traded from devoted farmers. We also give a portion of our proceeds back into taking care of our community of public safety members. We are here to serve!